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How to make a Paper Angel

This video lesson tells you how to make an Angel with paper. It’s not really origami, but it is a paper project. You do not need a square piece of paper.

So, use one paper sheet. The paper’s color may be different: white, blue, red, green and, of course, choose the size yourself.

For the video I have used a paper 15 x 15cm. The paper size used for the angels in photos is 5.5 x 9cm.

It is very nice and simple to make the model. You need only paper and you will have many ways to use this model. It can be Christmas decorations and nice supplements to presents. And this activity can be interesting and relaxing.

I cannot to tell you who first invented this Angel. I’ve been to Finland recently, and visited a big book store. This model I saw in one of the store’s handcraft books.

Автор: Olya Russ   
Дата: 2013-01-07   

Good luck!

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