How to make a Paper Star

A Star of this video lesson can be turned into many different figures. You can get a lot of different polygons. All these geometrical figures can be of different forms, colors and sizes. It depends on your paper.

So, I show you by video how to make a Star, and then I have got some nice figures from this star.

Ok, star consists of 5 (five) origami modules. You need two square pieces of paper to do one module. It would be nice if you are able to find two colors to create one module. But it is not so important, because you can use one, two or some colors for one Star.

Use the video for your creative work and then try to do some different geometrical figures, it is really mandatory. You will have not only fun and you will get a nice decorations with color paper)))

Автор: Olya Russ   
Дата: 2013-03-23   

Good luck!!!

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